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On behalf of the S.H. Ho Urology Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, we would like to extend our warmest welcome to all of you in joining the Urology Symposium 2020.

This is a very special year for all of us. In fact, since our last symposium, Hong Kong has already experienced many turbulances. Since the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 has changed the whole world and our life completely. The uncertainties of COVID-19, together with the disturbances in daily work, academic activities and family life, have drained our heart and mind. Many of us probably had gone through period of worry, depression, anger and frustration. Fortunately, the situation seem to be stable a bit in Hong Kong and our life has graduately adapted to this new routine.

On the other hand, the quest in pursuit of improvement of our patients’ care has never ceased. We continue to strive to improve our patient outcomes and minimize the complications in management. The introduction of better imaging systems and better energy platforms have opened new gates in minimally invasive surgery, such as focal therapy for patients with prostate, thulium fiber laser etc. Even for the most common urological problem, benign prostate hyperplasia, there is now a running list of new devices, including Urolift®, Rezum® etc. Not to mention the rapid development in systemic therapy for urothelial cancer, prostate cancer etc.

In light of these advancements, the theme of this year’s symposium is Advancement in Urology in Turbulent Times of the World. We believed despite the difficulties and uncertainlties we faced now, life still goes on and our duties to our patients are still here. Therefore, we need to keep ourselves update on the latest development in order to provide our patients the best care. As usual, we have gathered a team of top leaders in the field to share with us their insight and experience in the latest development in various urological topics. We hope our meeting would provide a good summary for the latest urological development in 2020.

On-line platform for knowledge transfer has become the new standard now. Besides adopting this approach, we have also modifited our program to a week of short lecture series to fit the busy schedule of us. Hopefully, the changes will facilitate your participation and will not cause extra-burden to your life.

The success of our symposium certainly relies not only on our team, but also heavily on the enthusiastic support from the executive team and, equally important the industries. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the undivided support of all of you, particularly through this current difficult time in Hong Kong and the world. We sincerely wish you an enjoyable meeting and safe and wonderful time in Hong Kong.

With Best Wishes,

Anthony CF NG



Anthony CF NG


Department of Surgery

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Samuel CH YEE


Department of Surgery

Prince of Wales Hospital

Jeremy YC TEOH

Assistant Professor

Department of Surgery

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Nursing Workshop Director

Crystal SY LI

Nurse Consultant in Urology

New Territories East Cluster

Urology Symposium Programme

2 Nov 2020 (Mon) - Updates in LUTS Management - From Medical to Surgical Treatment

Moderators: TBC

1900-1920      OAB Symposium


1920-1940      Combination therapy - When should we start it Minimally invasive surgery for BPH - An update

           Anthony CF NG

1940-1945      Rezum you flow.. Now.

           Ka Lun LO

1945-1950      Urolift-ing your spirits!

           Vincent YK POON

1950-1955      HoLEP: The holy grail of BPH surgery

           Bryan KC CHENG

1940-2000      Case discussion

           Steffi KK YUEN

3 Nov 2020 (Tue) - Surgery in Complicated Kidney Cancers

Moderators: TBC

1900-1920      Robotic partial nephrectomy for highly complex renal tumours

           Mallikarjuna CHIRUVELLA

1920-1940      Cytoreductive nephrectomy: Is it still justified?

           Joseph HM WONG

1940-2000      Case discussion

4 Nov 2020 (Wed) - Systemic Therapy in Kidney and Bladder Cancers

Moderators: TBC

1900-1920      Immunotherapy for high-risk NMIBC

           Jeremy YC TEOH

1920-1940      Advances in IO treatment for metastatic urothelial carcinoma

           Thomas POWLES

1940-2000      Systematic therapy for advanced kidney cancer: Current status and future directions

           Thomas POWLES

5 Nov 2020 (Thur) - Optimizing the treatment of localized prostate cancer

Moderators: TBC

1900-1915      The role and limitation of cryotherapy for prostate cancer

           Eric BARRET

1915-1930      What are the best candidates for HIFU focal therapy

           Rafael Sanchez-SALAS

1930-1945      Robotic radical prostatectomy : How can we do better?

           Samuel CH YEE

1945-2000      Case discussion

6 Nov 2020 (Fri) - Advances in Hormonal Treatment for Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Moderators: TBC

1900-1920      Are all GnRH agonists equivalent for the treatment of prostate cancer?

           Jeremy YC TEOH

1920-2000      Novel agents for mHSPC

           Neal SHORE

2000-2000      Discussion

7 Nov 2020 (Sat) - Early Prostate Cancer Detection


0900-0920     Urinary biomarkers for prostate cancer diagnosis

          Peter KF CHIU

0920-0940     Prostate cancer screening: evidence, guidelines and implementation

          Stacy LOEB

0940-1000     Updates on prostate cancer in 2020

          Stacy LOEB

Stone and New Technology


1000-1020     Stone symposium - Super-pulsed thulium-fiber laser: is this the future of kidney stone surgery?

          Olivier TRAXER

1020-1040     AI and urology: The future is now.

          Harry QIN

1040-1100     Microbiota and urology: Can we target these little beasts?

          Joseph KM LI

7 Nov 2020 (Sat) - Nursing Session


1130-1200     How to prepare & administer LHRH

          Wai Shan KAM

1200-1230     Optimal nursing roles in fusion prostate biopsy

          Wai kit AU


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